Friday, May 14, 2010

Sand Creek Farm Cheese Tasting Today

Ben and Alysha Godfrey once led urban lives. Their move to the country was prompted in part by their mutual love of horses. In fact, driving up to their farm today you are as likely to see a horse or pony as a cow. You may also see a child – they have five young girls.

Inspired by the agricultural activism of farmers such as Joel Salatin, Ben Godfrey recently gave up his day job to focus on farming full time. Instead of “cheating” with grain, which stretches milk production, he feeds his small herd of Jersey cows exclusively on grass. His cows “harvest” a delicious variety of clover, oats, Bermuda and rye.

With this excellent diet, the cows produce clean, rich Grade A milk. Ben uses the milk raw to make his favorite cheese, Gouda. Aged for over three to four months, Sand Creek Gouda has become one of our favorites too.

Come by today and try Ben’s Farmhouse, Gouda and Colby.
2201 Airline, 3 to 6:30 p.m.

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