Thursday, September 20, 2012

This Week's Tasting Plate: We Buy Gold Cheddar

You won't read this on, but we believe that when the dollar fails, invest in cheese.

It can be used for barter, lasts an exceptionally long time (well, the harder cheeses) and is calorically dense, so it can effectively fuel you through worldwide fiat currency collapse. We feel this is a strong economic platform. We also support food truck ordinance changes.

As you stockpile this weekend, we have some exceptional product in store. The Jasper Hill Harbison, the bark-wrapped bloomy-rind cheese best eaten with a spoon, will be the first to go. We also have barrel-aged Mt. Vikos Greek feta, Red Rock cheddar and Pure Luck Dairy's Hopelessly Blue.

Forget the gold standard. It's all about the cheese standard.

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