Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cheese Plate Close Up: Barely Buzzed

Playful, striking, and delicious, Barely Buzzed belongs on your Valentine's Day cheese board. 

Barely Buzzed starts out like any other cheddar at Beehive Cheese Company in Utah. After a day, however, the cheesemakers give it a special rub of  "Beehive Blend" espresso and French lavender. As the cheese ages, this rub brings out diverse flavors both sweet and savory. Think butterscotch, nuts, and caramel.

Barely Buzzed is the brainchild of the two brothers-in-law, Pat and Tim, who run Beehive Cheese. Tim's brother owns a coffee-roasting company in Colorado. Eying a surplus of coffee in their shop one day, Tim had the bright idea to create a rub. They say the addition of lavender was the key tweak. The lavender is so subtle you might not even know it's there, but it brings out the brightness and tang in the smooth cheese.

Beehive Cheese is set at the mouth of Weber Canyon in gorgeous northern Utah. They source their milk form one dairy 10 miles away that raises Jerseys and Holsteins.   
We encourage you to try it, and, yes, we recommend eating the rind! We'll be sampling it in the shop all this week.

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