Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beer and Cheese Tasting at St. Arnold's

Thanks to everyone who braved the tsnowami scare for our beer and cheese pairing event at the St. Arnold Brewery on Thursday. We didn't feel a bit of cold hunkered down with all the food and drink.

Brock, the Master of Ceremonies and founder of St. Arnold's, started off the evening with the bold proclamation that beer is better than wine when it comes to cheese pairings and judging from the enthusiastic applause, everyone seemed to agree. We even had Amelia from Pure Luck Dairy, the source for the delicious chevre and Hopelessly Bleu featured at the tasting, come by to talk about her cheese. You can check out the rest of the event pictures on Facebook and if you missed out this time around, keep an eye out here or on Twitter for the next one. We'd love to see you.


rsaikowski said...

Wine is better paired with cheese vs beer paired with cheese. No IFS, ANDS or BUTS. Wines are much more diverse and provide exceptional experiences over the burpiness of beer!

William Rey Ong said...

Wow That is so cool.... Hopefully I am drinking with you guys..

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