Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Week's Warehouse Tasting: The Choice Morsel Edition

Along with looking good in orange, Dairymaids have to know a few things about French. ("Elizabeth, how do you pronounce Vacherin? Wait, what? No, no. What?") We're pretty sophisticated, what can I say. This little hand labeled and ash-ripened goat cheese from Vermont is called Bonne Bouche, which means "choice morsel" or something supremely delicious. Delicious it is, a bit mild but with a bite of acidity.

Speaking of choice cheeses, we'll also have the rather hard to come by Harbison at the warehouse this week. It's the bark-wrapped bloomy rind cheese that we usually eat with a spoon. Not to be confused with Rush Creek Reserve, which is goopier and beefier, the Harbison is woodsier and a little smokey.

We also have Sand Creek Brick, Tilston Point and Mountaineer in stock. Don't forget that we'll be open all week, Tuesday through Sunday. Come by and see us!

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Caroline Grahmann Gardner said...

I love your blog (because I love cheese)! Looking forward to visiting you sometime-

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