Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Week's Tasting Plate: Where There's Smoke Edition

It’s around this time of year that Houston air starts to smell more like pool chlorine and barbecue smoke. Yes, it’s almost summer and our noses always perk up to the scent of grilling steaks and burgers. Along those lines, this week we’re featuring our scamorza from the Mozzarella Company in Dallas.
Smoked over native pecan wood, scamorza is similar to a firm mozzarella. For smoking, it’s dipped in wax and suspended by a string as per Italian tradition. (That makes it look like a snowman, which is not very seasonable, but life is full of inconsistencies.) This one in particular has a great melting texture and is delicious sliced over a hot burger.
We’ll also have Bosque Blue on hand, which you could also crumble atop a burger (you dog!) and the Marieke Gouda, similarly excellent on sandwiches or slightly melty.

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