Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Week's Tasting Plate: Aged to Maturity Edition

A Dairymaid had her 26th birthday this past weekend and no longer in her early 20s, you could say she aged to maturity--much like a fine cheese. As a human, she did most of her aging in apartments and houses in the suburbs, but the Red Rock cheddar from Wisconsin did its aging in a cave.

Along with being able to pay for his own car insurance and cook at least three different meals for himself, this cheese has developed a deep, rich orange-red color and slight blue veining close to the rind after 3-6 months. It's the younger sibling to Roelli's Dunbarton Blue and a bit softer and creamier.

Also on the cheese plate at the shop this week, you can expect subtle, buttery Landaff, CKC Farm Baby Caprino and Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert. All aged to perfection, naturally.

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Nicole Buergers said...

Happy Birthday, Nikki!

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