Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visit to CKC & Pure Luck

We pride ourselves in representing Texas cheese. We love to visit farms, see how cheese makers are crafting their cheeses by hand and then we bring it to you. We’re proud to share these cheeses and stories. It’s why we do what we do!

I had the great pleasure to visit some Texas farms: CKC Farms in
 Blanco and Pure Luck Farm & Dairy in Dripping Springs. These folks have hearts made of gold and genuinely love what they do. Believe me, love is what you taste when you try their award winning cheese.

Chrissy Omo of CKC Farms is a person I have always wanted to meet. I consider her a hero, having her business running and her recipes perfected
 by the time she graduated from high school! Chrissy and her family are world travelers. As we walked around on their 67 acre farm, Chrissy and her mom shared stories of cheese making in Italy and Germany. Her goats 
are so sweet and full of personality! The baby goats love affection and will cuddle up to you just like a puppy.

Amelia and Ben at Pure Luck were so warm and hospitable. Amelia welcomed us in her kitchen with iced tea and a spread of wonderful her cheeses. After a tour of the farm, she grabbed a basket of fresh chèvre out of her pristine cheese making room. The smell in this room was incredible: sweet and herbaceous. She turned the basket mold out onto a plate and cut a slice. It was straight from the momma goats, no more than 48 hours prior to us eating it.
 It was the freshest and richest thing I ever ate.

We also witnessed the birth of two baby goats! Goat labor is referred to as “kidding”. The beautiful momma named Sandia – Spanish for watermelon, picked a cozy spot and gave birth to her part Nubian, part Alpine doe. They immediately snuggled up next to each other to bond. What an incredible experience.

Needless to say, my day visiting with Amelia and Chrissy was nothing short of amazing. Thank you to these lovely ladies for sharing and thank you to Lindsey for allowing me to be a part of it all!

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