Thursday, March 14, 2013

Winner, Winner Cheesy Dinner!

We have a treat for you Dairymates this week! We're featuring the first and second place winners from the 2013 US Championship Cheese Contest on our tasting plate. Say hello to the fabulous Marieke Aged Gouda and our runner-up, Tarentaise!

These lovely cheeses impressed the judges with their ability to stay delicious even in the face of tough questions. Marieke snuck ahead due to her downright delightful notes of caramel and sweetness. Tarentaise is sure to impress though, with her smooth texture and Gruyere-esque style.

Be sure to come by and see if your taste buds line up with those of the judges. Maybe you'd have given the crown to a different cheesy contestant?

Tell us in the comments what the number one cheese would be in your heart if you had to pick right now!

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