Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Week's Tasting Plate - Red, White and Rogue River Blue

The Ham Independence has us feeling mighty patriotic this week. It seemed only fitting to do a red, white and blue plate. These festive featured cheeses are: the oh so special Redhawk from Cowgirl Creamery. It is hand washed, creating a rind that is a beautiful red-orange. Rimrocker is tangy, sharp and proud to be an American, with it's bold red rind. Soft and delicate Del Cielo from Pure Luck, has a stark white interior that ripens quickly to a delectable ooze. Smoked Habenero Cheddar represents our spicy and diverse country. Last, but certainly not least is Rogue River Blue - Special Reserve. To celebrate their 80th birthday, Rogue Creamery sent us this special batch, aged for one year. It's creamy, nutty and has specks of rock candy, so divine! 

A friendly reminder, we will be closed on July 4th, so be sure to stop by the shop for your favorites. 

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