Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cheese Plate Close Up: Spring Brook Tarentaise

photo courtesy of Spring Brook Farm
Tarentaise is a favorite. This raw cow's milk cheese is modeled after a cheese made in the Tarentaise region of the French Alps. The folks at Spring Brook adapted the French recipe to use on their 1000 acre Vermont farm.  

With the milk from their own herd of Jersey cows, they make Tarentaise using traditional methods. During the five or more months of its aging, Tarentaise is repeatedly washed and turned. The result is a dense, firm paste with delicate flavors of brown butter and roasted nuts. 

Spring Brook Farm doubles as a charitable enterprise called Farms for City Kids. Cheese sales support their mission of educating city kids about sustainable agriculture by inviting them to come to the farm and participate in daily activities. Great cheese and a great idea!

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