Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Week's Warehouse Tasting

We're nearing peak season for Texas goat milk and happily find ourselves awash in light, lovely cheeses that are great for summer. Did anyone read "awash in cheese" and think, nacho cheese bath?

Anyways, we just picked up a big, fresh batch of the much-sought-after Pure Luck Ste. Maure, which is inspired by the French cheese of the same name. Amelia's version is a little different, though. Whereas the French version is molded around a straw and gets firmer as it ages, Pure Luck's is straw-free and softens as it ripens. It's best when it is slightly oozy near the rind and still has a firm, chalky center.

If you're still with us after "oozy near the rind," we're also sneaking in a little bit of Italian cheese with black truffles. There isn't much, so if you're interested come by early! Favorites including the Sweetgrass Dairy Green Hill and Reading Raclette will also be available. See you this weekend!

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