Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Week's Warehouse Tasting

There's nothing wrong with eating cheese as-is, no cracker, standing in the kitchen at 2a.m. (this is something we tell ourselves, okay?) but of course the real fun is in sharing a pretty array of blues, fresh goat rounds and nutty Goudas at a party or experimenting with new cheese-laden recipes.

So thank goodness we have Nicole, aka "The Queso Queen," around the shop. This week we'll have fresh burrata in once again and Nicole made this beautiful video on how to make burrata and tomato salad for her blog entry "What is Burrata?". It's a super easy recipe, with everything fresh and light for summer, so definitely check it out.

This week, we'll also have a full stash of Carmody, the Italian table cheese from Bellwhether Farm, and one of my personal favorites, Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert. Made with milk from a herd of East Fresian ewes, this cheese is buttery, savory and the main reason I even have friends.

While you're visiting, we also highly recommend Redwood Hill's California Crottin, made with 100% goat's milk, which measures up nicely to its French model. With age, it hardens and its flavor intensifies.

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