Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Week's Warehouse Tasting: Winners Circle Edition

It's our firm belief that cheese is its own reward. It's also true that the warehouse is chock full of cheeses that have won awards and wheels that haven't yet had their moment in the spotlight but will one day get the recognition they deserve, just like Blade Runner. It was the Veldhuizen cheese that won the top prize in its category at the rodeo's Best Bites competition last weekend (you might have heard) so we're featuring them at the warehouse tasting this weekend. 

Connie and Stuart brought out the Texas Gold Cheddar, Paragon and Sharpshooter at the rodeo and it was the latter that earned the prize. The marigold colored cheddar is simply the Texas Gold aged an extra long time, giving it a sharper flavor and more crumbly texture. 

In addition to those cheeses, we'll also have a beautiful goat milk tomme-style cheese called Julianna, Reading Raclette and Pt. Reyes Blue. We're all winners here. 

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