Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Week's Warehouse Tasting: XOXO Edition

A lot of people are talking about aphrodisiacs this time of year. Something about February makes you want to eat oysters or something, we guess.

We don't know anything about that, but we do know about cheese, and we have a particularly decadent line-up for Valentine's Day this week. First up, is the truffle-studded Sottocenere with an ashed rind mixed with nutmeg, coriander, licorice, cloves and fennel. We know that every kiss begins with Kay, but they don't call truffles "Earth's black diamond" for nothing.

The most adorable thing in the warehouse, and it's a tough competition given the cuteness of your average Dairymaid, will be the heart-shaped Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert. We had this in stock last year, and the creamy, cow-sheep milk blend cheese went over like gangbusters as gifts. Also special for the holiday is the Chocolate Capri Log from Westfield Farms. This chocolate-tinged goat cheese is beautiful with strawberries and champagne, and fun to use in baking.

We'll also have Cremont, Sand Creek Colby and Pure Luck Chevre. For those of you who snagged tickets to our Valentine's Day Saint Arnold tasting, we can't wait to see you there!

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