Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tasting Plate Close Up: Little Boy Blue

Sheep's milk and blue belong together. The bright fruity flavors that tend to come forward in sheep's blues are unique and wonderful. No surprise that the first blue, Roquefort, was a sheep's milk cheese. How else could they sell those initial brave souls on moldy cheese?

Little Boy Blue is a rindless Wisconsin blue with two identities. At Hook's Cheese Company, where it is made, they call it Little Boy Blue. At Hidden Springs Creamery, where the milk comes from, it is known as Bohemian Blue. The Hooks and the Jensens (owners of Hidden Springs) formed this arrangement to make the most of the Hooks' blue-making skills and the Jensens' great milk. Located in southwestern Wisconsin, the Jensens' farm has ample lush pasture for their herd of 250 East Friesan and Lacaune crosses.

Little Boy has a drier, crumblier texture than a typical Roquefort. Whereas Roquefort can often taste too salty to me, Little Boy is well-balanced with pronounced sweetness.

Every week, we do a free tasting of six different cheeses at our shop. We taste every day we are open, which is every day except Monday. This week, Little Boy is our featured blue. Come by the shop to taste it!

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