Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tasting Plate Close Up: Pure Luck Chevre

photo by Kerrisa Treanor
Dairymaid life during kidding season can be a little sad. Not only are we deprived of Pure Luck, but we have to give the same disappointing report to customers all day long: "not yet." Cute pictures of newborn goats give us some solace, but not enough.

Well, we're putting those chevre-free days behind us: Pure Luck is back! We picked up the first batch from the farm last week. So far only the chevre is available. Feta should be ready soon, followed by Ste. Maure and Hopelessly Bleu. We can't wait!

Chevre tends to disappear quickly, but if yours makes it all the way home to your kitchen, Kerrisa has put together some great recipes. Check out her Mint and Chevre Couscous, Chevre Crostini with Bacon Relish, and Lemon Zest Pasta with Pesto and Chevre.

If you haven't tried it yet, now is a great time. Stop by the shop where we'll be tasting it out all week!

Every week at Dairymaids we select six cheeses to include in our free cheese tasting. Whenever we are open, we are tasting cheese. On Wednesdays, we sample a wine, cider or beer as well and all wine and beer is 10% off. Our hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10 to 6, Saturday 10 to 4, and Sunday 11 to 4. 

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