Friday, June 3, 2011

This Week's Warehouse Tasting

The one consolation of this June heat? This year's first batch of Pure Luck Dairy Del Cielo. It's not often in stock, but when it is this Camembert-style goat cheese round always impresses with its creaminess. This current batch is still young and only starting to cream around the edges but still delicious and amazing with the peaches that are in season right now.

We'll be offering that today at the warehouse alongside a fresh batch of burrata, San Andreas, a sheep milk cheese modeled after Pecorino, and Cabot Clothbound Cheddar.

Our blue cheese this weekend is Tilston Point. A delicious washed rind blue from Hook's Cheese Company in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Tony and Julie Hook started making cheese in the 70s. After mastering Colby and Cheddar, they turned their attention to blues in the late 90's. With its washed rind, the Tilston has an earthy, funky flavor that makes a great counterpoint to the sharp fruity flavor.

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