Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Week's Warehouse Tasting

Sometimes, on a hot summer day, we long to be cold smoked like a plump, 4 oz. chevre log. Instead, we must settle for eating one. This week at the warehouse we have a fresh shipment of Westfield Farm's Hickory Smoked Capri. This cheese was awarded first place in its category for the past four American Cheese Society annual judgments and is great as a creamy cooking ingredient.

For the hickory-averse (we hear this is a genetic condition much like hating cilantro and being short), we have a line-up of other Diarymaid all-stars. We're bringing back Reading Raclette, the Vermont version of the famous Swiss cheese that's tasty both as a snacking cheese and melted. You can also sample the latest batch of Vintage Granbury Gold from Matt and David Eagle, differentiated from Granbury Gold by a firmer texture and bolder flavor.

All that and more this weekend. Hope to see you!

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