Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Week's Warehouse Tasting

As you can tell from this photo of the extremely strong Stuart Veldhuizen of Veldhuizen Cheese, dairy dads are the best. In their honor, we're featuring cheeses made by some amazing fathers--Pat at Beehive Cheese, Ben at Sand Creek and Stuart, who has 7(!) kids.

We can't think of a more dad (or grill) -friendly cheese than the Veldhuizen Redneck Cheddar. Stuart took his Texas Gold Cheddar and added Texas beer, St. Arnold's to be exact. The result is a subtle yeasty flavor that balances the cheddar tang. A drier-style of cheddar, it is rich in yellow color thanks to all the fresh green grasses the cows eat.

The folks at Beehive once again prove they're great at combining flavors (see: Barely Buzzed) with their Smoked Habanero Cheddar. This cheese makes you think you are sitting by a campfire. Lightly spiced with peppers, it has a slow-to-surface sweet-hot flavor.

At Sand Creek, Ben Godfrey lures us to the fridge late at night with his raw milk Gouda. Made from the Grade A Jersey milk of his small herd, the Gouda is buttery and mild with just enough tang to keep it interesting.

We'll also have fresh California burrata and Pure Luck chevre on the tasting plate, so please come by. We'll have gift boxes available for the big day and, as usual, if you're looking for something different, just ask!

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Cows in Repose on Veldhuizen Family Farm. Dublin, TX