Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Week's Tasting Plate: The Conundrum Project

Drumroll, please! Like any other cheesemonger/human, we like to think that the Dairymaids are unique snowflakes (ssh, Fight Club fans). But this week in particular, we know we'll have something special going on that no one else in Houston will have.

It's another cheese from the Jasper Hill Conundrum Project, where they send out experimental rounds to retail shops and we tell them what we think. Last time we participated, we got a shipment of Harbison. This time, it's a washed rind version of their Moses Sleeper. The original cheese is a bloomy rind cows milk with a buttery, creamy paste. After its experimental bath, the flavor moves from savory to flat out beefy.

We'll only have a limited amount of this cheese, so come out early for a taste! The plate will also be loaded up with Teahive, Sofia and Tilston Point--all delicious, if less mysterious. We can't all be Jessica Rabbit.

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