Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Week's Tasting Plate: Rock of Cheeses

Working in cheese, you're exposed to a lot of interesting sensory experiences, the very honest descriptors used to identify them and some hilariously apt names. I've had my lips turn red and burn from a reaction to a cheese. "Barnyard-y" is a word thrown around a lot to describe a certain cheese odor. And bless the Veldhuizens for naming their beer-bathed cheese Redneck Cheddar.

But it wasn't until I heard about this Oregon semi-hard round named Rimrocker that the cheese world really came together for me. It's aged in a cave for 3-6 months. On the Tumalo Cheese website, it is photographed next to some rocks. It is tangy, made with both cow and goat milk and it is not messing around.

Come get your share this week at the Dairymaid shop, along with Smokey Blue, Birdville Reserve and Pure Luck feta.

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