Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Week's Warehouse Tasting

In honor of the fantastic spring weather, we have some delicious snacking cheeses perfect with fresh bread and a picnic blanket at the warehouse tastings this week.

We're still fully stocked on the Pure Luck Dairy chevre, including the Anaheim chile, cracked black pepper and mixed herb varieties. The Sweetgrass Dairy Green Hill, a brie-style cheese, is absolutely heavenly spread on baguette and a favorite among lovers of milder cheese with its rich and buttery paste.

This week we also see the return of the Bellwether Pepato, an Italian-style, raw sheep milk cheese sprinkled with peppercorns (Elizabeth swears it gives off a faint blueberry taste), and another Dairymaid favorite--the pungent Red Hawk washed rind (Lindsey's only true love).

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