Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Week's Warehouse Tasting

(Photo by Flickr user kre8tiv)

If you grew up a Swiss youth, you very likely spend wintry evenings at home melting Raclette over potatoes with a side of cornichons. If you grew up a hamburger-eating American youth, now is your chance to finally try this culinary treat for yourself. At this week's warehouse tastings, we have a fresh batch of Reading Raclette from Spring Brook Farm in Vermont.

We can tell you all about how to melt and scrape this gooey cheese on your home Raclette set, but we enjoy the simultaneous sweet, creamy and tart, salty notes of this cheese in solid form too.

This Friday and Saturday we'll also be fully stocked on Paragon Reserve and Smokey Blue, a spectacular raw milk cheese lightly smoked over Oregon hazelnut shells.

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